KN-SAT1 Prototype Subsystems Design and Testing

KN-SAT1 Students at ST2UOK Khartoum

KN-SAT1 Students at ST2UOK Khartoum

The KN-SAT1 CubeSat, which will have a VHF downlink, is being developed at the University Of Khartoum.

Mahmoud Esawi has made available a video which shows KN-SAT1 Prototype2 subsystems design and testing.

Prototype 2 has a variety of functions:
• Send it’s location received from the GPS receiver.
• Taking a picture and send it back to earth using AX.25 protocol.
• Receive Tele-commands from earth to be executed, like:
• Restart the subsystems.
• Download a picture.
• Take a shot at specific GPS location.
• Change the Tele command key password.

Watch CubeSat Prototype Design

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