A Day in the Life of SkyCube Engineering

Tim DeBenedictis and Anna Vital with the SkyCube satellite

This video shows some typical SkyCube nano-satellite engineering work at Southern Stars’ office in San Francisco, CA. Chris verifies a solution to a serial data output problem on the main computer processor board; Scott puts solar panels together; and Mark tests the balloon inflation mechanism.

SkyCube will take pictures of Earth with three VGA cameras and deliver 120-character messages to smartphones running a SkyCube app. The messages will be collected on Earth and transmitted to the satellite about once a day, where they will be stored in memory and broadcast every 10 seconds. In addition to the app, anyone with a fairly modest amateur radio-type receiver might also be able to pick up the broadcasts directly.

Watch A Day in the Life of SkyCube Engineering

SkyCube http://www.southernstars.com/skycube/satellite.html

SkyCube uses Kickstarter for Funding http://www.uk.amsat.org/?p=8955