APRS High Altitude Balloon Flight in Vietnam

The FSpace team of young engineers and students at the FPT University have successfully launched and recovered a High Altitude Balloon that carried an amateur radio APRS payload on 145.980 MHz.

The recovered balloon payload showing the Yaesu VX-8GR HT

This was the first high altitude balloon experiment in Vietnam.

The balloon carrying a Yaesu VX-8GR HT was released from Hanoi on Monday, December 10. It reaching an altitude of about 70,000ft (more than 21km) and landed in Quang Ninh province 200km away (just 20m from the sea).

The flight lasted 2 hours but it took the team 2 days and a 500km journey by motorbike to recover it and come back.

In October a CubeSat, F-1, developed by the FSpace team was deployed from the International Space Station.

Flight path of the balloon