Video of satellite FO-29 shown at Amateur Radio Fair Nov 17-18

Amateur Radio Satellite FO-29

Amateur Radio Satellite FO-29

This HD video, made by Sylvain Draux F0FVK, features the amateur radio satellite Fuji-OSCAR-29 (JAS-2). The video was shown at the Amateur Radio Fair held in Pordenone, Italy on November 17-18, 2012.

The 50kg satellite FO-29 was launched on August 17, 1996 from the Tanegashima Space Center of NASDA, Tanegashima Island, Japan into a 1330 by 810 km orbit.

It carries a 145 to 435 MHz linear transponder for SSB and CW communications.

The video runs for 21 minutes with the first two minutes being introductory music.

Watch the FO-29 video by Sylvain Draux F0FVK

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