Amateur Satellite Allocations on the Agenda at Vienna

IARU_LogoIn the coming months meetings will take place in both IARU Region 1 and Region 2 to discuss HF and VHF bandplans.

The IARU Region 1 2013 Interim Meeting in Vienna April 19-21 will be discussing two proposals relating to the Amateur-Satellite Service:

VIE13_C4_02 – Amendment to the 28 MHz Bandplan in relation to the Amateur Satellite Service. This proposes the removal of the downlink only restriction on the 29.300-29.510 MHz satellite segment.

VIE13_C5_03 – Increased Amateur-Satellite Service 144 MHz Usage. This proposes the introduction of a new satellite downlink band for CW/SSB transponders at 144.000-144.035 MHz.

A report on the ARRL website has requested input for the IARU Region 2 meeting. At this time it is not known if satellite allocations will be raised at the meeting in Region 2.

UK Yahoo Reflector for discussion of C4 (HF) papers

UK Yahoo Reflector for discussion of C5 (VHF/UHF/Microwave) papers