STRaND-1 Ground Station Testing Video

STRaND-1 Ground Station Antennas

STRaND-1 Ground Station Antennas

The UK smartphone amateur radio satellite STRaND-1 should launch Feb. 25 at 1225 UT.

At the heart of STRaND-1 is a Google Nexus One smartphone with an Android operating system. Smartphones contain highly advanced technologies and incorporate several key features that are integral to a satellite – such as cameras, radio links, accelerometers and high performance computer processors – almost everything a spacecraft needs except the solar panels and propulsion.

Being the first smartphone satellite in orbit is just one of many ‘firsts’ that STRaND-1 is hoping to achieve. It will also fly innovative new technologies such as a ‘WARP DRiVE’ (Water Alcohol Resistojet Propulsion Deorbit Re-entry Velocity Experiment) and electric Pulsed Plasma Thrusters (PPTs); both ‘firsts’ to fly on a nanosatellite. It is also flying a 3D printed part – believed to be the first to fly in space!

A video of ground station testing has just been released.

Pre-launch testing with Engineering Model (EM) from Surrey Space Centre (SSC) & Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL).

Watch STRaND-1 Groundstation Communications: ICOM Radio & Spirit-2 TNC

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