Cuban radio ham looking for UK satellite contacts

Hector Martinez CO6CBF - 640

Hector Martinez CO6CBF

Hector, CO6CBF is looking for stations in the West of the UK on the amateur radio satellite FO-29.

Currently FO-29 is in apogee and has a big footprint which allow mutual visibility during a couple of minutes between Cuba and UK. I can work the satellite until LOS and sometimes below the horizon towards the UK.

Cubans cannot operate on AO-7 mode B due to a 432 MHz restriction in our country, so FO-29 is our only chance to try intercontinental contacts on satellites.

Please, I will appreciate any information about any station who is there and wants to try.

Thanks in advance!

Hector, CO6CBF EL92sd
Email: co6cbf at

FO-29 information