Rare Scottish Grid Squares on the Satellites

2E1EUB Portable Satellite Station

2E1EUB Portable Satellite Station

Paul 2E1EUB has traveled to Scotland to activate some rare grid squares on the satellites using the call 2M1EUB.

On Saturday, April 6, he posted on the AMSAT Bulletin Board:

Limited Internet…. .Lots of deep snow….I’m in the middle of the wilds [Grid Square IO87NC]

Hope to be QRV on AO-7 from IO97 latter in the week. I’m driving to this Square by request

Will also be on FO-29 for limited QSO, I’ll keep you posted.

Just driven 500 miles (800 km) so need a kip.

AMSAT Bulletin Board http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/tools/maillist/

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