Video of FO-29 Amateur Radio Satellite demo at Wyong 2013

Amateur Radio Satellite FO-29

Amateur Radio Satellite FO-29

Murray Hely ZL3MH has uploaded a video by Bob Hudson VK2AOR showing a demonstration of a FO-29 contact made at Wyong 2013 in Australia.

The Wyong Field Day 2013 is the biggest Ham event in Australia and New Zealand. Mal Pizzey VK2MAL is on the Microphone and Murray Hely ZL3MH is on the other end at his home station in New Zealand.

On the down link Murray ZL3MH used a 20 element Yagi to a 70cm Cavity filter and a MRF901 pre-amp to an FT847. Uplink was a FT101ZD MK3 to a FTV250 Transverter and 11 element Yagi fully trackable.

Watch the Wyong 2013 video

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