Good News for CubeBug-1



The amateur radio satellite CubeBug-1, also known as El Capitán Beto, launched April 26, 2013, is recovering from the power budget issue that caused the transmitter to be turned off for several days.

This was achieved after one of the AMSAT-LU stations in coordination and in conjunction with Satellogic team, send a command to reconfigure onboard software to turn off attitude control circuits feeding magnetorquers this last weekend .

Telemetry text mode command taken before change can be seen at

CubeBug - command sent shown top and satellite response below

CubeBug – command sent shown top and satellite response below

Operation was with a RTL SDR dongle, connected directly to antenna, using HDSDR recording software as IF mode only, that helped not to record big amount of data from Orbitron connected to DDE, also automatically compensating Doppler.

After reset, Cubebug-1 went to ‘mission state’, batteries showing adequate level of charge.

Good reports were received from several amateurs from different parts of the globe.

This activity is performed as part of the agreement of mutual collaboration that Satellogic and AMSAT-LU signed on July 2013.

The satellite transmits 1200 bps AFSK, on 437.438 MHz, packets are sent every 30 seconds. The signal is at a low level and a directional antenna and preamp are needed for adequate reception.

Cubebug-1 telemetry information at

email: info at

CubeBug-1 carries a packet radio digipeater which it is hoped will be activated for amateur radio use when the primary mission has been completed. Further information at