Giant leap for radio ham’s Pi-powered teddy bear

2013-08-26--14-45-58-PIE-51FBBC News reports on radio amateur Dave Akerman M6RPI‘s successful 434 MHz balloon flight on Monday, August 26, 2013.

The balloon carried transmitters on 434.200 MHz and 434.250 MHz and transmitted images using the amateur radio Slow Scan Digital Video (SSDV) standard, they are available here.

The BBC say:

A soft toy controlled by a Raspberry Pi computer has re-created Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking skydive.Mr Baumgartner made the highest ever freefall in October 2012 when he jumped from a balloon about 39km up.

A bear called Babbage has now leapt from a similar height after ascending beneath a hydrogen-filled balloon.

The Raspberry Pi low-cost micro-computer inside Babbage transmitted his position and shot stills and video throughout the flight and descent.

Read the BBC news story at

See the SSDV images at

Slow Scan Digital Video (SSDV) Guide

Dave M6RPI website

Dave M6RPI had made an initial attempt on Saturday but the bear’s release mechanism didn’t work

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