IARU Amateur Radio Spectrum Requirements

IARU_LogoFollowing the annual meeting of the Administrative Council (AC) of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) a revised spectrum requirement document is available.

At 50 MHz the IARU re-iterates the need for a harmonised allocation for the Amateur-Satellite Service to bridge the gap between 28 MHz and 144 MHz.

For the Amateur-Satellite Service 435-438 MHz allocation the IARU say it is desirable to study expansion of the band.

Retention of the Amateur-Satellite Service 1260-1270 MHz is sought and deletion of the “Earth-to-Space only” restriction. WRC-2000 allocated the band 1240-1300 MHz to the radiodetermination-satellite service for space-to-space use. In addition, WRC-2000 allocated the band 1260-1300 MHz to the radiodetermination-satellite service for Space-to-Earth use such as for the European Galileo positioning system. These actions do not change the Amateur and Amateur-Satellite Service allocations but present new sharing situations and potential operating restrictions.

Substitute spectrum for the Amateur Satellite Service allocation at 2400-2450 MHz which is restricted to the ISM segment, is sought.

Regarding the aim of acheiving a global Amateur-Satellite Service allocation at 3400-3410 MHz  the IARU say: WRC-07 identified the band 3400-3500 MHz for IMT applications in certain countries, which poses an additional difficulty for the Amateur Services in achieving improvement in the band 3400-3410 MHz with respect to upgrading the allocation or extending the allocation to Region 1 [Europe and Africa].

The IARU do not seek any changes to the split Amateur-Satellite Service allocations at 5 GHz.

Spectrum Requirements for the Amateur and Amateur-satellite Services