UK PocketQube Shop on Kickstarter

Wren - Image credit Stadoko

Wren – Image credit Stadoko

PocketQube Shop is a small startup based in Glasgow that has just launched a Kickstarter project. They believe small satellites are on the cusp of a major breakthrough much the like personal computers were in the late 70’s/early 80’s.

PocketQube Shop say they wish to facilitate as many PocketQube builders as possible and see huge potential in lowering the barriers to entry for budding ‘Homebrew Satellite Builders’.

PocketQube massively lowers the barriers to entry for small satellite teams. Despite the small size of CubeSats, 10x10x10 cm, they can still cost up to $100,000 to launch. PocketQubes are just 5x5x5 cm and may be launched for a significantly lower price, under $20,000.

PocketQube Shop will not be offering to provide any launch facility but they have teamed up with an Italian company called GAUSS which has brokered launch opportunities with a Russian rocket called Dnepr, operated by ISC Kosmotras.

Several satellites built to the PocketQube standard will be launched in November. These include Wren, which has a camera and pulsed plasma thrusters; Morehead State University’s BeakerSat; the University of Maryland’s QubeScout-S1 and the 50DollarSat.

PocketQube Shop on Kickstarter

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