Astronaut Rick Mastracchio KC5ZTE to Geocache the ISS

Rick Mastracchio KC5ZTE - Image credit NASA

Rick Mastracchio KC5ZTE – Image credit NASA

It’s the Travel Bug® that’s taking the global Geocaching community on a rocket ride to space.

Geocaching in Space LogoWhether you’re in Mexico, the UK, Australia, or Korea you’re primed to join the Geocaching community in celebrating the spirit of exploration. There are more than 800 Geocaching in Space events scheduled around the world. Those who attend Event Caches on either November 6 or November 7, 2013 earn the Geocaching in Space souvenir.

Join the adventure and watch the launch live as Astronaut and Radio Amateur Rick Mastracchio KC5ZTE packs the Travel Bug along on his 6 month mission aboard the International Space Station. He’ll use the Travel Bug as a tool to teach students back on earth about geography and science.

Geocaching HQ is offering a limited edition Geocaching in Space Mission Patch. Geocaching will donate proceeds from the patch to for use in funding projects that use Geocaching as an educational tool.

Astronaut Richard Garriott W5KWQ with FUNcube Dongle SDR

Astronaut Richard Garriott W5KWQ with FUNcube Dongle SDR

Geocaching in Space Event Owners: Be on the lookout for an email from Geocaching HQ later this week. We’ll serve up details on how to watch the launch live, how to connect with the 800+ events around the world and how to celebrate afterwards (hint: geocaching).

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While aboard the ISS Mastracchio is expected to recover a travel bug hidden by another ham radio Astronaut Richard Garriott W5KWQ on October 14, 2008.

For information on the 2008 Geocache see

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