Help needed with the CAPE II satellite

CAPE-2 CubeSat - University of Louisiana

CAPE-2 CubeSat – University of Louisiana

Nick K5QXJ writes: On November 20 at 0030 GMT the CAPE II satellite is scheduled to  be launched.

CAPE stands for Cajun Advanced Picosat Experiment and is a completely nonprofit and student run organization which develops and builds picosatellites.

The frequencies are 145.825 MHz FM and 437.325 MHz FSK. On the VHF FM frequency the beacon will be in CW and AX.25

Please listen to our sat and send reports to me at quadpugh<at>
Please include your location and time you first hear our sat.

The preliminary Keplerian Two Line Elements (TLEs) are:

1 99905U 00000    13323.95403993 0.00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0  0009
2 99905  40.5214 208.6139 0003075 205.2431 337.9664 15.19728651000004


Nick Pugh K5QXJ

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