Florida SwampSat Team Request Assistance

Dr Norman Fitz-Coy with SwampSat

Dr Norman Fitz-Coy with SwampSat

The SwampSat team at the University of Florida is requesting assistance in collecting telemetry from their 1U pico-satellite, which was successfully launched at 01:15 UT on November 20.  SwampSat will begin transmitting a beacon after 01:15 UT on November 21 (24 hours after launch).  The details are:

Tx frequency = 437.385 MHz
AFSK modulation
9600 baud, 60 second interval
1 W transmission power

The call sign is currently WG4SAT.  Any operators who are able to copy telemetry are encouraged to send it to telemetry@swampsat.org.  Telemetry strings can be pasted into the email body, or attached as a text file.  Please include your call sign in telemetry submissions.  We will be distributing some more automated tools in the near future.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

The SwampSat team
University of Florida

University of Florida Small Satellite Design Club (SSDC) http://www.ufsmallsat.com/

Gator Amateur Radio Club http://www.gatorradio.org/

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