FUNcube-1 (AO-73) Update Nov 24

FUNcube-1 flight model - Image credit Wouter Weggelaar PA3WEG

FUNcube-1 flight model – Image credit Wouter Weggelaar PA3WEG

The FUNcube-1 (AO-73) spacecraft was switched to its nominal “Autonomous” operating schedule around midday November 23.

This schedule has:

High power telemetry beacon only when in sunlight (also known as “Educational” Mode) and  linear transponder for SSB/CW communications with low power telemetry when in eclipse (also known as “Transponder” Mode).

This switching is controlled automatically by the CCT (Command, Control and Telemetry) subsystem on board.

It is not planned to change this operating schedule in the immediate future.

On Sunday, November 24, the team enabled some new Fitter messages and monitored, with great interest, the telemetry that has been contributed by more than 100 stations around the world and is now displayed and stored in the Data Warehouse.

FUNcube-1 transponder spectrum - Mike Rupprecht DK3WN

FUNcube-1 transponder spectrum – Mike Rupprecht DK3WN

The FUNcube Team say:

We cannot over-emphasize just how important this data is to us in helping build up a good knowledge of the operating status of the spacecraft as it orbits the Earth.

Please, please keep it coming in and if you know of anyone who could set up some simple, automated, groundstations in some of the more remote locations then please encourage them to do so for us.

We only have “Whole Orbit Data” for a few channels so we will be relying on all the remote data we can gather.

From reports received there have been many successful QSO’s using AO-73. In the last 24 hours there have been many reports of good signals and smooth sounding audio. We are very grateful for your observations.

Thank you for all your support!

Download the Dashboard App to receive the telemetry and upload it to the Data Warehouse.

The team have not received any new TLEs/Keps and are still using 2013-066B although these appear to be a little late. They hope to get more news on this from the space tracking experts shortly.

FUNcube-1 Radio Communications Subsystem:
• 145.935 MHz BPSK Telemetry 300 mW or 30 mW when the transponder has been activated
• Inverting SSB/CW transponder 300 mW PEP
– 435.150 – 435.130 MHz Uplink LSB
– 145.950 – 145.970 MHz Downlink USB

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