UniSat-5 Mission Update November 24

UniSat-5 with labelsThe Group of Astrodynamics for the Use of Space Systems (GAUSS) issued this update on November 24 at 22:33 UT.

Dear all,

After the successful DNEPR cluster launch we will like to give you a brief update about the UniSat-5 mission and the released satellites:

• Eagle-1 and Eagle-2 have been received and are working perfectly
HUMSAT-D already finished the commissioning of the platform, but none of the current TLE’s fit to Doppler shift measurements. Information about Doppler shift is very welcome!
WREN was heard today [Nov 24]. The TLE used are:

1 39422U 13066G 13326.48861818 -.00000055 00000-0 00000+0 0 75
2 39422 097.8066 039.1177 0023760 211.9046 148.0730 14.86334042 151

The beacon is 1.6 seconds. Wren is sending nominally on 437.405 MHz. The beacon is AFSK-modulated.
For more information contact Paul Kocyla from Stadoku at Paul.Kocyla<at>rwth-aachen.de

I-Cube [CW] beacon has been received from UK and from Pakistan. They are currently working on commanding the satellite
• UniSat-5 doesn’t have a beacon and the ground station from Roma, Vigo, MSU and California are working on commanding it
• PUCPSAT team needs your help: Beacon every 20 sec. at 145.840 MHz, AX.25 at 1200 bps

Information about object identification in the TLE are very welcome.

Thank you,

Gruppo di Astrodinamica per l’Uso dei Sistemi Spaziali –
Group of Astrodynamics for the Use of Space Systems
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00199 Roma
Website http://www.gaussteam.com/unisat-5/
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