WREN 437.405 MHz – Help Needed !

WREN - Image credit Stadoko

WREN – Image credit Stadoko

The WREN team report that they have had no confirmed reception of the signal from their SSTV PocketQube satellite which was launched on November 21.

These are the TLEs the team are currently using for WREN:

1 10000U 00000 13325.30958333 .00066391 00000-0 78737-2 0 00001
2 10000 097.8055 037.9628 0031909 207.6761 327.4099 14.84238859000010

WREN is transmitting nominally on 437.405 MHz (+/- 10 kHz Doppler shift). The length of the beacon is 1.6 seconds. The beacon is AFSK-modulated. At the following link you can download the Telemetry Decoder and an Audio File of the beacon in order to get an idea how it sounds:


The team say:

“We need help from every Amateur radio operator and Ground station operator we can get”

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/StaDoKo

WREN a Ham Radio Slow Scan TV PocketQube Satellite

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