FUNcube-1 Whole Orbit Data Displayed

FUNcube-1 Whole Orbit Data

FUNcube-1 Whole Orbit Data

Whole Orbit Data from the FUNcube-1 (AO-73) amateur radio spacecraft can now be displayed.

Dave G4DPZ writes:

FUNcube-1 shows part of MSE experiment

FUNcube-1 shows part of MSE experiment

We can now display 104 minutes of Whole Orbit Data captured within the satellite and we are working on getting the scaling factors such that all values can be displayed within the same range e.g. Volts instead on mV, Amps instead on mA. etc.

Part of the MSE experiment is nicely represent in the graph on the right:

Heating and cooling when the spacecraft is in sunlight as indicated by the Solar Cell (PV1) voltage.

We will be moving on to High Resolution data next and then mechanisms for downloading the data for local analysis.


73 Dave, G4DPZ

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