Ofcom 2.3 and 3.4 GHz Consultation Responses



The responses to Ofcom’s consultation on the 2300 and 3400 MHz bands are now available.

The joint RSGB, UK Microwave Group, AMSAT-UK and BATC response says:

Amateur radio has international secondary allocations in the 2300 and 3400 MHz bands, which are adversely affected by Public Sector Spectrum Release (PSSR). Whilst the detailed impact on amateur radio usage has been covered in an earlier Ofcom consultation, a continuing concern is to achieve a harmonised solution that gives both existing and new users a degree of certainty and consistency. This is particularly true for frequency segments that are key for long distance weak-signal amateur and amateur-satellite activity, such as 3400-3410 MHz.

In this respect the proposed 3.4 GHz Time Division Duplex(TDD) band plan (currently on CEPT consultation) is of serious concern as we discuss overleaf, and would welcome Ofcom taking a more pro-active stance to refine it.

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The other responses are at

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