FUNcube Data Warehouse Min-Max Values

FUNcube-1 (AO-73) - Image credit Wouter Weggelaar PA3WEG

FUNcube-1 (AO-73) – Image credit Wouter Weggelaar PA3WEG

Since deployment on November 21, 2013 of FUNcube-1 (AO-73) the FUNcube team have been capturing the minimum and maximum Realtime values for each channel when they have been uploaded by a ground station. This has given a good overview for the early operation and initial commissioning.

The team have now moved into a steady state of operation and need to check for long-term trends. To achieve this, they have changed the min-max data collection such that it resets every 7 days and we capture the values each time it does so. At reset you will see the reference date change on the page and the min/max values converge. They will diverge again within an orbit.

The team have considered a rolling 7 day period but that is quite a heavyweight process on the server as it has to be run each time we get an upload!

As always, many thanks to all those who are uploading data to the warehouse.

Any feedback to the forum as usual please:

73 Dave, G4DPZ
FUNcube Team Member

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