ITF-1 CubeSat Team Request Reports



The amateur radio CubeSat ITF-1 (YUI) plans to launch from the Yoshinobu Launch Complex at the Tanegashima Space Center on Thursday, February 27 at 1837 UT.

Toshihiro Kameda JJ3GRX reports: The data reception App for our satellite ITF-1 (YUI) is now available at the Google Play Store. You can find it with keyword “TSUMUGI” or “ITF-1”.
After deployment, the first path is right above western Europe from 7:20 pm on February 27 UT. It is before the path above Japan. We strongly want to obtain reception data. Report via the Web Form is greatly appreciated, but just e-mail “heard” would be very helpful.

The 1U CubeSat was built by students at the University of Tsukuba. The formal name ITF-1 comes from the initial letter of the university slogan “Imagine The Future”.  The satellite also has a popular name YUI which means “bond” in Japanese, it came from the project’s concept‚ “Creating the Worldwide Human Community”.

Ayano Okamura ITF-1 Project Manager

Ayano Okamura ITF-1 Project Manager

ITF-1 has the callsign JQ1ZLO and the 437.525 MHz satellite beacon will send telemetry by a Morse Code audio tone on an FM transmitter running 300 milliwatts output.

The Project Manager is Ms. Ayano Okamura a fourth-year student of the College of Engineering Systems‚ School of Science and Engineering.

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