RSGB: IARU 2014 VHF/UHF/UW Consultation



The RSGB IARU VHF/UHF/Microwaves discussion forum invites feedback on proposals to amend the bandplans.

Items being discussed are:
– Update to the 144MHz Satellite Allocation to formalise the shared use of 144.000-144.025 by linear amateur satellite transponders (Vienna follow on and already approved in Regions 2 and 3).

– Deletion of FAX frequencies

– IARU ATV Contests Rules/Date: This was also discussed at Vienna. The Dutch Society (Veron) is leading on an updated proposal to modernise the rules in liaison with ourselves and BATC. Our own interests are to introduce modern options for Remote Stations and Rover Stations to help boost activity. There is also a less-certain suggestion around moving its date from its current slot in September.

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