Frequencies announced for QB50 Precursor CubeSats

QB50 Precursor CubeSatThe QB50 project will be launching two precursor 2U CubeSats, QB50p1 and QB50p2, both carrying amateur radio transponder payloads.

The launch is currently planned for June 19 from the Russian ICBM base at Dombarovsky near Yasny on a Dnepr rocket manufactured in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The satellites will be put into a 650 km Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO).

The IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination Panel has announced coordinated frequencies for both CubeSats.

Dnepr Launch - Credit ISC Kosmotras

Dnepr Launch – Credit ISC Kosmotras

QB50p1 will have a VHF 9600 bps BPSK telemetry downlink plus a separate payload from AMSAT-NL. This will comprise of a linear U/V transponder similar to that already flying on FUNcube-1 with an output of 400 mW.
• 145.815 MHz 9600 bps BPSK telemetry beacon
• Inverting SSB/CW linear transponder 400 mW PEP
– 435.035 – 435.065 MHz Uplink LSB
– 145.935 – 145.965 MHz Downlink USB

QB50p2 will have a VHF 9600 bps BPSK telemetry downlink plus a separate RF payload from AMSAT-F which will comprise of a FM voice transponder with UHF uplink and VHF downlink. It will also transmit FX25 telemetry at 9600 bps.
• 145.880 MHz 9600 bps BPSK telemetry beacon
• 145.840 MHz 9600 bps FSK FX25

QB50 Precursor Flight

AMSAT-UK Colloquium announcement

IARU Satellite Frequency Coordination Panel Status Page

IARU Amateur Radio Satellite Frequency Coordination

It is believed the Dnepr launch from Dombarovsky near Yasny may carry 38 satellites:
Kazakhstan MRES, DEIMOS-2, SkySat-3
Hodoyoshi-3, Hodoyoshi-4 microsatellites
BugSat-1 a 25 kg microsatellite
UniSat-6 microsatellite which will deploy the satellites: Tigrisat, AeroCube6, ANTELSAT, Lemur-1, SaudiSat-4.  Serpens was also expected to be carried but Serpens is now manifested on the SpaceX 05 Dragon flight for deployment from the ISS.
CubeSats: TabletSat-Aurora, BRITE-Toronto, BRITE- Montreal, AprizeSat- 9, AprizeSat-10, Duchifat-1, Perseus-M 1, Perseus-M 2, PACE, ANTELSAT, AeroCube 6, DTUSat-2
QuadPack-1 and QuadPack-2 quadruple (4U) CubeSat Deployment Pods will deploy these 2U CubeSats: QB50p1, QB50p2, UNSA-SAT1 (3400 MHz) and ESTELLE
11 Planet Labs Cubesats Flock-1c-1 to Flock-1c-11