Video of ISS HamTV – Koichi Wakata KC5ZTA April 13, 2014

HamTV Transmitter in the ISS Columbus Module

HamTV Transmitter in the ISS Columbus Module

The final configuration of the International Space Station (ISS) HamVideo Digital TV system took place on Sunday, April 13 at 1823 UT. ISS commander Koichi Wakata KC5ZTA operated using the call sign OR4ISS.

Final Commissioning of the HamTV equipment Koichi Wakata KC5ZTA

Final Commissioning of the HamTV equipment Koichi Wakata KC5ZTA

Configuration 4 was used:
* ARISS antenna 43
* Frequency 2395 MHz
* Symbol rate 2.0 MS/s

Ground stations G4KLB, F6DZP, IK1SLD and KI (Livorno) received the signals and streamed the video over the BATC server. The DATV signal was received for about 6 minutes.

Commander Wakata congratulated ARISS for this achievement and answered a series of questions, prepared in the manner of a school contact. He also proceeded to a microgravity experiment.

Congratulations to the Ham Video team for this outstanding performance.

Next step should be a video enhanced ARISS school contact. We will keep you informed on any progress.

Gaston Bertels, ON4WF
ARISS Europe chair

Watch the 2395 MHz ISS Digital TV transmission received by F6DZP in Poitiers, France

The Ham Video transmitter has downlink frequencies of 2.369, 2.395, 2.422 and 2.437 GHz in a DVB-S type format (symbol rates of 1.3 Ms/s and 2.0 Ms/s). The two patch antennas, ARISS 41 and ARISS 43, are located on the nadir of the Columbus module. The Ham Video transmitter puts out approximately 10 W EIRP. The camera is a Canon XF-305.

Report by Jean Pierre F6DZP about his reception of HamTV on April 13, 2014

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