Shin-En2 to carry Mode J linear transponder

Shin-En2 satellite

Shin-En2 satellite

Shin-En2 is a 17 kg satellite measuring 490×490×475 mm built by students at Kagoshima University in Japan that will carry a 145 to 435 MHz linear transponder into a deep space orbit.

The aims of the mission are:
• To establish communication technologies with a long range as far as moon.
• To establish a new technology of the ultra-light-weight satellite. Proposing a WSJT 29dBm UHF downlink and a 29dBm 20 kHz linear transponder and a CW beacon all on UHF with a VHF uplink for the transponder

The orbit will be quite different from the previous satellites. Shin-En2 will have an elliptic orbit around the Sun and travel to a deep space orbit between Venus and Mars. Its inclination will be almost zero, which means Shin-En2 will stay in the Earth’s equatorial plane. 

The distance from the Sun will be between 0.7 and 1.3 AU, where AU (Astronomical Unit) is approximately 1.5 x 108 km.

Shin-En2 is expected to launch in the 4th quarter of 2014 with another amateur radio satellite ARTSAT2:DESPATCH on a H-IIA rocket with the asteroid explorer Hayabusa 2 as the main payload.

Kagoshima University satellite development team

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