The Basement Satellite at Canadian Documentary Film Festival

The Basement Satellite posterThe first screening of the The Basement Satellite at the Canadian International Documentary Film Festival takes place on Friday, April 25.

The film, directed by Hyoung-ju Kim, tells the struggle of Korean artist Hojun Song DS1SBO to develop a satellite, OSSI-1, in his basement studio and launch it into space.

Synopsis from Indiewire.comIn his Mangwon-dong basement art studio, a media artist Hojun Song dreams of making a satellite and shooting it out to space.

He wants to make his dream real through OSSI (Open Source Satellite Initiative) movement. He tries to build a DIY satellite, and to sell 10,000 T-shirts for the 100 million Won ($100,000) budget. His seemingly reckless and utterly ambitious project begins. Would his dream become real?

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