DX-1 Appeal to radio hams from Dauria Aerospace

DX-1 in space - Image credit Dauria Aerospace

DX-1 in space – Image credit Dauria Aerospace

The DX-1 satellite, built by Dauria Aerospace, launches from Pad 31/6 at Baikonur in Kazakhstan on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 15:58:28 UT. It weighs 27 kg and is 40x40x30 cm. Dauria Aerospace have posted the following information:

Dauria Aerospace microsatellite DX-1

Dauria Aerospace microsatellite DX-1

Finally, close to the accomplishment of our long-awaited event – the launch of the spacecraft DX1 Tuesday, July 8. We would like to ask for help to all radio amateurs who are interested in receiving signals spacecraft. Invite you to participate in the “catching” our satellite immediately after the start.

Start will be at 19:58 Moscow time from the Baikonur cosmodrome. Based on the parameters of the orbit, its separation from the upper stage and the inclusion happen over Eastern Europe, and it will return to Russia after only a few turns of a few hours from the Far East. Therefore, our MCC in Moscow will hold the first session the next day. Beacon satellite broadcasts in amateur radio frequency, so everyone will be able to hear it before us. Moreover, such aid, we need to clarify and confirm its orbit performance. Therefore, our gratitude will be backed up souvenirs for the lucky hunters from around the world.

Parameters of the radio beacon mode:

Carrier frequency: 438.225 MHz [it is understood there is a 145 MHz command uplink]
The protocol used: AX.25
Call Sign source: DSC001
Call Sign Receiver: Dauria
Size TMI frame within AX.25 packet: 55 bytes
Speed: 9600 bit / s
Modulation GFSK

Source: http://habrahabr.ru/company/dauria/blog/228669/

Google English Version http://tinyurl.com/pdueyt2

It is understood the satellite will also be using the following frequencies:
• 162.0125-162.0375 MHz Uplink – AIS ship tracking receiver
• 2269.5-2270.5 MHz Downlink – Data

Watch DX-1 on Russian TV

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