Delfi-n3Xt Engineer Died on MH-17 over Ukraine

Fatima Dyczynski CEO and Director of Xoterra Space

Fatima Dyczynski CEO and Director of Xoterra Space

25 year-old Fatima Dyczynski, CEO, founder and project manager of Xoterra Space, was an Aerospace Engineer, thought leader, scientist, creative space enthusiast, motivated entrepreneur, public speaker, all world traveler and absolute futurist.

She perished July 17, 2014 on flight MH-17 over Ukraine.

Fatima was Operations Engineer for the Delfi-n3Xt CubeSat which carried an amateur radio linear transponder. Delfi-n3Xt was successfully launched in November 2013.

She presented the paper ‘A novel business model to substantiate the commercial viability of a CubeSat constellation for advanced Earth Observation and monitoring’ at the International Astronautical Federation Conference 2013 (IAC-13) in Beijing and had been planning to present a paper this September at IAC-14 in Canada.

It is reported her ultimate dream was to journey to Mars as an astronaut.

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Vibrant life of young space engineer cut short on MH17 flight