2016 launch for UniSat-7 with CubeSats and PocketQubes

UniSat-7 GAUSS Srl

UniSat-7 GAUSS Srl

GAUSS Srl is preparing a Dnepr launch of a new satellite, UniSat-7, into a Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO), carrying CubeSats and PocketQubes.

The launch is planned for December 2016 and they are currently looking for payload to include in their satellite.

If you are interested in including your own payload you can contact GAUSS Srl to assess the impact on the mission at launch@gaussteam.com there might be space left for your own payload/satellite.

Characteristics of the UniSat-7 mission:
• Total mass: 32 kg
• Sun-Synchronous orbit: (550 – 600 km)
• LTAN: 10:30 (confirmed)

Watch UniSat-7 Satellite
Music by Kostantinos Geradimos, Album Stereofloat, Song Crashed

UniSat-7 http://www.gaussteam.com/satellites/unisat-7/