EO-79 (FUNcube-3) Transponder Test May 4

QB50p1 and QB50p2 - Image Credit ISIS

QB50p1 and QB50p2 – Image Credit ISIS

On Monday, May 4 at around 0830 UT it is intended to activate for one orbit the AMSAT-NL FUNcube-3 transponder on QB50p1 / EO-79.

TLEs are in the normal repositories, COSPAR 2014-033-R, Object# 40025. Real-time tracking at http://www.n2yo.com/satellite/?s=40025 (Click All Passes on Predictions)

We would like people to try the following frequencies if possible:
UPLINK: Tune to match downlink +/- 435.065 MHz LSB
The transponder is linear inverting, nominally 30 kHz wide, and approximately 500 mW output.

If you find the transponder busy on those frequencies, feel free to move around and use the entire transponder passband.

AMSAT-UK FUNcube Mission Patch Rev4 20100609

AMSAT-UK FUNcube Mission Patch

The passband seems to have a “dip” in the middle which is bigger than expected, but we do welcome feedback about the usability. Also, please limit your uplink power, as it looks like this transponder is as sensitive as FUNcube-1. The spacecraft antenna is a monopole, so we would also be interested in signal fading reports.

The commissioning of the transponder done to date is very limited, three activations for 5, 10 and 8 minutes respectively. So your reports are greatly appreciated.

We do understand this is a very short notice, but hope that some of you will be able to participate. This was a take-it-or-leave-it opportunity offered by the ISIS engineers for our consideration, and we are again very grateful to ISIS and VKI for giving us this opportunity.

Please report contacts and signal reports to pa3weg@amsat.org

Wouter PA3WEG
FUNcube Team

QB50p1 EO-79 FUNcube-3 Transponder - Credit Mike Rupprecht DK3WN

QB50p1 EO-79 FUNcube-3 Transponder – Credit Mike Rupprecht DK3WN