Nine CAS-3 amateur radio satellites to launch in July



The CAMSAT orchestrated CAS-3 amateur satellite system is now nearing completion.

Nine satellites, CAS-3A – CAS3i, should be launched on July 20, 2015 from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center on the new CZ-6 launcher. It is understood the CZ-6 will be carrying a total of 20 satellites.

Six of the CAMSAT satellites, CAS-3A-CAS-3F, are equipped with substantially the same amateur radio payloads. A 20 kHz bandwidth 435/145 MHz (mode U/V) 100 mW linear transponder for SSB/CW communications, a CW telemetry beacon and an AX.25 19.2k/9.6k bps GMSK telemetry downlink.

Each set of amateur radio equipment has the same technical characteristics, but operates on different frequencies in the 435 MHz uplink band and 145 MHz downlink band. While the amateur payloads are similar the sizes of the satellites differ, one is 20 kg, three are 10 kg and two are 1 kg.

CAS-3A will be deployed into a 450 km sun-synchronous orbit while the other satellites will in a 530 km sun-synchronous orbit.

LilacSat-2, developed at the Harbin Institute of Technology, has been renamed as CAS-3H, and has had to change frequencies to avoid a clash with other CAMSAT satellites on the flight. CAS-3H carries 145 MHz APRS, a 145/435 FM transponder and a 437 MHz CW beacon.

Two others satellites on the launch also carry amateur satellite service payloads and have been named as CAS-3G which has 9k6 GMSK AX25 downlinks on 145 MHz and 437 MHz and CAS-3i which has a 9k6 FSK telemetry downlink on 437 MHz.

Further information on the CAS-3A to CAS-3F satellites can be seen at

CAMSAT with support from the Qian Youth Space Academy has been developing two satellites CAS-2A1 and CAS-2A2. These will not be on this launch, instead they may fly on a CZ-2 at a later date.

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