Special Colloquium Price for Getting Started with Amateur Satellites

Getting Started With Amateur Satellites 2015 coverA special full colour edition of the book Getting Started with Amateur Satellites 2015 will be available for just £15 at the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium, Guildford, July 24-26. The price after the event will be higher.

This definitive reference is written for the new satellite operator by Gould Smith, WA4SXM, but includes discussions for the experienced operator who wishes to review the features of amateur satellite communications. The new operator will be introduced to the basic concepts and terminology unique to this mode. Additionally, there are many practical tips and tricks to ensure making contacts, and to sound like an experienced satellite operator in the process.

Newly revised in May 2015 with new information on, AO-73, UKube-1, the upcoming Fox-1A, Fox-1B, Fox-1C, Fox-1D, and Fox-1E, plus many other updates of general interest. It also include information on several satellites of interest to hams expected to be launched in the coming year.

AMSAT-UK thanks AMSAT-NA for permission to print the book in the UK.

International Space Colloquium Holiday Inn, Guildford – Speakers for Saturday, July 25