Radio Astronomy Group Meteor Scatter Workshop

BAA-RAG LogoA BAA RAG Workshop on Meteor Scatter is planned for  Saturday, October 31 in Northampton, the keynote speaker will be Jean-Louis Rault F6AGR.

Paul Hyde G4CSD writes:

Please note that we are going to hold a one-day workshop on Meteor Scatter at Northampton Natural History Society on October 31.  This will be a joint meeting with the BAA Meteor Section.  As always the event will be open to non-BAA members.

The objectives of the day will be to show what is possible through meteor scatter, to help beginners set up a meteor observing system, and to help existing observers develop their activities.  I very much hope that we can come out of the day with the basis of a collaborative observing project that will complement optical and video work.

The keynote speaker will be Jean-Louis Rault F6AGR who is President of the Radioastronomy Commission of the Société Astronomique de France and the International Meteor Organisation Radio Commission Officer. He will talk on the meteor science domains in which radio is offering valuable data, what can be done using amateur-level equipment, and the scope for pro-am collaborations using the French FRIPON programme (see as an example.

This will be supported with presentations from other speakers, of which I have several offers at present, but please don’t hesitate to mail me with another!

Paul Hyde G4CSD
Coordinator, BAA RAG

Radio Astronomy Group