School students decode ISS images

ISS SSTV in the Deccan Chronicle

ISS SSTV in the Deccan Chronicle

Students at Sree Narayana Trust Higher Secondary School returned to the classroom during their holidays to receive amateur radio Slow Scan Television from the International Space Station.

The special ISS transmissions were made in July to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz mission.

The Deccan Chronicle newspaper reports that with the support of their teachers the students were able to decode the SSTV images on a frequency of 145.800 MHz FM.

The school has an amateur radio club, callsign VU2SQL, and the Principal is licenced radio amateur U.Jayan VU2JYU.

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Examples of ISS SSTV images received by radio amateurs can be seen at

ISS Slow Scan TV