AO-85 OSCAR Number Assigned for Fox-1A

Tony Monteiro AA2TX and Fox-1 model

Tony Monteiro AA2TX and Fox-1 model

Willian (Bill) Tynan, W3XO, AMSAT-NA OSCAR Number Administrator has issued the following release:

I have been informed of the successful launch today, October 8, 2015 of the AMSAT-NA-built Fox-1A CubeSat. I am also informed that the satellite has been heard by several amateurs in various countries.

This successful launch comes after years of diligent and dedicated work on the part of AMSAT-NA volunteers including Tony Monteiro, AA2TX, who became a silent key in March, 2014.  It was Tony who spearheaded and guided the work on all AMSAT-NA CubeSats until his untimely passing. Thus, it is only fitting that this spacecraft be dedicated to his memory.

Following Tony’s death, the work of completing and preparing for launch fell to Jerry Buxton, W0JY, who took over Tony’s post of AMSAT-NA’s Vice President for Engineering and saw to Fox-1A’s successful completion and its preparation for launch.

All of those who had a part in designing, constructing and testing Fox-1A and its various subsystems are to be congratulated for jobs well done.

Fox-1A Flight Unit

Fox-1A Flight Unit

Since Fox-1A was properly coordinated through IARU as an Amateur Radio satellite, has been successfully launched and its signals have been received; I, under the authority vested in me by the AMSAT-NA President, do hereby issue to Fox-1A the designation AMSAT-OSCAR-85, or AO-85.

May AO-85 serve the radio amateurs of world for many years to come.

[Thanks Bill, W3XO, and AMSAT-NA for the above information]

Fox-1A Launched

Jerry Buxton, N0JY talking about Fox-1A on NASA TV