New version of Fox-1A Telemetry Decoder

Fox-1 CubeSat at the Dayton Hamvention - Image Credit ARRL

Fox-1 CubeSat at the Dayton Hamvention – Image Credit ARRL

Chris Thompson G0KLA has released a new version of the AO-85 (Fox-1A) telemetry decoder software FoxTelem 

I want to announce the release of FoxTelem Version 1.01. If possible, everyone should upgrade to this new version. In addition to some new functionality it fixes some bugs and issue that mean more data will be uploaded to the server.

This is a patch release. If you already have 1.00 installed then download the file

You can download it from:

Only two files have changed (plus the manual). Copy these files into your install directory
– FoxTelem.jar
– spacecraft/FOX1A_radtelemetry2.csv

You can also download the whole install file and install it in a new directory. You can use the settings menu to continue using your existing log files. Ask if you need assistance.

Lots has changed in this release and many bugs have been fixed. Please report any issues that you see.

Release notes:
* Allow the user to view and set the “track” attribute for each spacecraft (and other parameters)
* Better doppler tracking in IQ mode and more stable estimate of the received frequency
* Better Find Signal algorithm with tuning parameters for experts
* Read Time Zero from the server for each reset and use to plot graphs in UTC
* Set the default fcd frequency to 145930 so that Fox-1A, Fox-1Cliff and Fox-1D will be in the passband
* Allow the gain to be set on the FCD (rather than hard coded)
* Do not change the FCD LNA or Mixer Gain. Leave unchanged.
* Do not open the FCD unless the start button is pressed
* Fixed a bug where the last 2 bytes of the radiation telemetry were not decoded correctly
* Allow Vanderbilt radiation experiment to be graphed
* Allow user to select UDP or TCP for upload to the server (but use UDP for now please)
* Shorten the period between passes so that graphs look continuous
* Ignore duplicate high speed radiation frames – needed for processing data from the server
* Allow graphs to be hidden so that average or derivative is easier to see
* Notify the user when a new release is available
* Cleaned up the FFT trace with some averaging
* If showRawValues is checked then save CSV files as raw values
* Several updates to the manual

FoxTelem Software for Windows, Mac, & Linux

AO-85 (Fox-1A)