Amateur radio in UK Spectrum Policy Forum report

AMSAT-UK_Bevelled_LogoThe UK Spectrum Policy Forum has released the UK Spectrum Usage & Demand report which covers amateur radio and other services.

The UK Spectrum Policy Forum was launched in September 2013 at the behest of Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy to act as the industry sounding board on long-term UK spectrum issues to Government and Ofcom. This report provides a snapshot of the current spectrum usage and expected long-term future needs of the major users of spectrum in the UK. It identifies the business and societal activities which depend on this spectrum and the associated drivers of value.

Regarding Amateur Radio the report notes:

“The RSGB believes current AR primary allocations are insufficient and there are no primary allocations between 400 MHz and 24 GHz, threatening confidence, investment and growth in AR. The problem is greatest for satellite transponders, EME and narrowband terrestrial systems.”

“Additional spectrum is needed to relieve digital voice congestion, enable new technology experimentation, introduce and extend digital TV, introduce new data modes and higher speed data technologies and to continue to enable the UK’s lead in small satellites

Regarding the contribution of Amateur Radio to social and economic value the report says:

The AR community contributes to the UK’s technology skills base, providing knowledge and education (at no cost). AR activities lead to the development of radio technologies such as narrow split duplexing filters and in-depth understanding of propagation effects.

Radio amateurs also operate voluntary communications services which can bring relief in emergency and disaster situations: examples include the North Sea flood in 1953 and the Lockerbie air disaster in 1988. The ITU Handbook on Emergency Communications states: “In situations where a professional and helpful attitude is maintained, served agencies point with pride to Amateur Radio volunteer efforts and accomplishments. Although the name says “Amateurs,” its real reference is to the fact that they are not paid for their efforts”

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The Wireless Waffle site was highlighted in the Annex