Listening to the ISS on a handheld radio

In this video Dan Trudgian M0TGN shows how to listen to the ISS using nothing more than a handheld radio, a Yaesu VX8, from Hackpen Hill in Wiltshire.

In the UK we use narrow 2.5 kHz deviation FM but the ISS transmits on 145.800 MHz with the wider 5 kHz deviation used in much of the world. Most base station and mobile radios can be switched been wide and narrow deviation FM filters and for best results you should select the wider filter. Handheld radios all seem to have a single wide filter fitted as standard.

As a result of Doppler shift the 145.800 MHz ISS signal may vary by +/- 3.5 kHz during a pass going from 145.835 to 145.7965 MHz. Many FM radios can only tune in steps of 5 kHz, with such equipment you may get best results by selecting 145.805 at start of pass, then 145.800 and finally 145.795 MHz.

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The ISS should be transmitting Slow Scan TV (SSTV) later this year on 145.800 MHz FM