Local newspaper reports reception of Tim Peake on ISS

ISS amateur radio article in Southend Echo Jan 13, 2016

ISS amateur radio article in Southend Echo newspaper published January 13, 2016

ISS school contacts provide an opportunity for radio amateurs across the country to get publicity for the hobby in their local newspaper.

Simply hearing Tim Peake using amateur radio from the ISS is in itself a newsworthy event which can be used to promote your local amateur radio club and the hobby in general.

When Essex radio amateur Pete Sipple M0PSX received a signal from ISS astronaut Tim Peake talking to Sandringham School students in Hertfordshire he contacted his local newspaper, the Southend Echo, and told them about it. The newspaper was very interested to hear that someone in their local area had actually received the ISS and published the story, see above.

Pete M0PSX has kindly made available the press release he sent to the local newspaper so that others can use it as a template, download press release here.

If you submit a story to your local newspaper about receiving the ISS please let us know at m5aka<at>amsat.org

Dates of future Tim Peake amateur radio school contacts are at

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