Japanese Ham Radio Satellite Launch



After an initial postponement ChubuSat-2, ChubuSat-3 and Horyu-4 were launched into a 575 km, 31 degree inclination orbit at 08:45 UT on Wednesday, February 17, 2016.

Yasutaka Narusawa JR2XEA provides the following information on ChubuSat-2/3:

Nagoya University(NU) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries(MHI) developed 50kg microsatellite ChubuSat-2(NU) and ChubuSat-3(MHI). These satellites have amateur VHF receiver and amateur UHF transmitter, and will be launched on Feb. 12 2016 (Note: Now Postponed) from Tanegashima, Japan. Komaki Amateur SATCOM Club operates these satellites from Komaki, Japan.

After the satellite separation, each satellite will transmit UHF CW beacon message including battery voltage etc. which is very important information for our initial and critical operation. So we are very happy if you receive the CW beacon message and report to us email: chubusat2@frontier.phys.nagoya-u.ac.jp

In following web site, we show the information(frequency, format, TLE, etc.) about ChubuSat-2 and ChubuSat-3. If we have your report, we will show your report in this page.

Both satellite will provide the message exchange service. After the on-orbit checkout of the satellite(maybe one month after launch), you can use this service, sending your message with VHF uplink, then your message is written to the on-board memory. By sending inquiry message, anyone can read your message with UHF downlink.

ChubuSat-2 Satellite
Uplink:  145.815 MHz FSK  1200bps
Downlink: 437.100 MHz GMSK 9600bps and CW

ChubuSat-3 Satellite
Uplink:  145.840 MHz FSK  1200bps
Downlink: 437.425 MHz GMSK 9600bps and CW

The uplink/downlink format will be uploaded in above web site.

We hope you get interested in our satellites, receive beacon messages, and enjoy the message exchange service.

Best regards,

Yasutaka Narusawa (JR2XEA)

Horyu-4 downlink 437.375 MHz & 2400.300 MHz 1k2 AFSK,9k6 GMSK, S_BPSK, CW