ARISS UK release full video of Tim Peake and RMS contact

This is the 77 minute video of the ARISS contact between Tim Peake GB1SS and the Royal Masonic School for Girls Rickmansworth GB1RMS.

The video starts with the students of Cadogan House, the prep school for girls aged 4 to 11 at the Royal Masonic School for Girls singing a number of songs that have been part of their study into space.

The video continues with the senior school presenting an overview of the activities that they have been involved in as part of their study and understanding of space. This section concludes with a panel of experts from the UK space industry fielding questions from the assembled audience.

At approximately 33 minutes, Ciaran Morgan M0XTD from ARISS, starts the ARISS programme with an introduction of the team, their roles and all the equipment that has been brought to the school to help facilitate the contact.

The actual ARISS contact starts at approximately 53 minutes into the video.

After the contact has finished, the school’s Head Girl concludes the evening with a short thank you speech and introduces the trainers who prepared some of the girls for the Foundation Amateur Radio License.

Watch the ARISS UK Tim Peake and RMS for Girls video

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