Robertsville Middle School CubeSat Project

Robertsville Middle School students give a CubeSat presentation to NASA Engineers

Robertsville Middle School students give a CubeSat presentation to NASA Engineers

On May 19, 2016, students from Robertsville Middle School, Oak Ridge, Tennessee visited Marshall Space Flight Center and presented their CubeSat project results to NASA engineers.

NASA Explores says: They had been tasked to design a 1U ‪CubeSat‬ with a deployable door using a 3D printer and some mechatronics soft/hardware. The students presented to a panel of NASA engineers and management, including two ‪NEA Scout‬ team members, Adam Burt and Alex Few, who took a few minutes to talk about NEA Scout. The students know what ‪Solar Sails‬ are and how they work!

Oak Ridge Today reported: This is the incredible experience Robertsville Middle School Ram Time participants were given in Todd Livesay’s enrichment course. Todd Livesay began conversations with a fellow Oak Ridge High School graduate, Patrick Hull, who now works for Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Hull explained to Livesay the NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative, or CSLI, which provides opportunities for small satellite cubes to fly as auxiliary payloads on previously planned missions.

The CubeSat Launch Initiative provides access to a low-cost pathway for conducting research, deploying these small payloads in a ride-share format. Since its inception in 2010, the initiative has selected and launched more than 46 student-created CubeSats. These miniature satellites were chosen from responses to public announcements on NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative.

NASA will announce another call for proposals in mid-August 2016, possibly allowing Oak Ridge students an extension of the learning they had with their initial project this year, the press release said.

Susan Currie, education specialist from the Marshall Space Flight Center, wrote to Hull in response to the RMS visit saying: “Wow! If that group doesn’t inspire you, nothing will! I was blown away with the level of expertise and professionalism shown by the Oak Ridge students.”

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