Satellite Talk at EMF 2016 Guildford

David Rowntree 2E0DVR communicating via Amateur Radio Satellite

David Rowntree 2E0DVR communicating via Amateur Radio Satellite

Radio amateur Dave Rowntree 2E0DVR, drummer in the rock-band Blur, will be giving a presentation and demonstration of amateur radio satellite communications at the Electromagnetic Field event EMF 2016 near Guildford which takes place August 5-7.

There will be an Amateur Radio Village at the 3-day event aimed at makers, scientists, engineers and radio enthusiasts. The London Hackspace Amateur Radio Club are planning to erect at least one of their Clark masts in the village. London Hackspace will be showcasing Amateur Radio on bands from 3.5 MHz (80m) to 430 MHz (70cm) and maybe higher using the call sign GB4EMF.

Dave Rowntree’s presentation is titled “The Hackers Guide To Satellites” and according to the schedule is planned for 2pm on Saturday, August 6.

On July 25-26, 2016 Dave tested out the equipment he will use for his satellite demonstrations. One of his contacts was with Peter Goodhall 2E0SQL in Oxford via the FM satellite SO-50. Peter will be giving a presentation titled “Satellite Operations in the Field” to the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium on July 30.

EMF Amateur Radio Village

Electromagnetic Field EMF 2016

London Hackspace ARC

Previous EMF events have generated BBC News coverage

The book Getting Started with Amateur Satellites 2016 is available from the AMSAT-UK online shop