Amateur radio presentations at EMF 2016 Guildford

David Rowntree 2E0DVR communicating via Amateur Radio Satellite

David Rowntree 2E0DVR communicating via Amateur Radio Satellite

Many radio amateurs are giving presentations at the Electromagnetic Field EMF 2016 event taking place near Guildford August 5-7 and two special event stations will be operating from the site. There is live streaming of presentations at

The event is aimed at makers, scientists, engineers and radio enthusiasts. Most radio amateurs will be in two villages on the site, HABville and the Amateur Radio Village.

The London Hackspace Amateur Radio Club are planning to erect at least one of their Clark masts in the amateur radio village. London Hackspace will be showcasing Amateur Radio on bands from 3.5 MHz (80m) to 430 MHz (70cm) and maybe higher using the call sign GB4EMF.

RSGB Youth Committee member Rebecca M6BUB will be at the GB8EMF station which will be using three ICOM transceivers, two IC-706MKIIG and an IC-746.

Listen out for 434 MHz balloon trackers from HABville during the weekend, tracking information at

At 1559 GMT (4:59pm BST) on Saturday, August 6 the International Space Station (ISS) astronaut Kate Rubins KG5FYJ should be receivable at the event on a handheld radio tuned to 145.800 MHz FM. Full details at

The amateur radio satellite talks being given over the weekend are:
• A hacker’s guide to satellites — Dave Rowntree 2E0DVR (drummer in rock-band Blur)
• Receiving live video from the Space Station — Daniel Cussen EI9FHB HamTV
• The story behind $50SAT, a new approach to Amateur satellite design which became the world’s smallest operational satellite, built for £125 in a garden shed — Stuart Robinson GW7HPW

Other presentations by radio amateurs include:
• 100 years of Shannon — the man, his work and his legacy — Matthew Ireland MW0MIE
• Asynchronous or Analogue Methods for Computation — Matthew Ireland MW0MIE
• Connecting computers together over 1,000s miles without using the Internet — GB8EMF Amateur Radio Station
• Hacking Robot Dinosaurs — Dr Lucy Rogers M6CME (Judge on BBC Robot Wars)
• My Ubertooth Year — Michael Ossmann AD0NR developer of HackRF One SDR
• Numbers Stations: Cold War, short waves — Henry Cooke
• Rebooting a Hobby: How Modern Digital Comms are Reviving Amateur Radio — Ryan Sayre M0RYS

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