Video of EMF ham radio satellite talk

David Rowntree 2E0DVR communicating via Amateur Radio Satellite

David Rowntree 2E0DVR communicating via Amateur Radio Satellite

Dave Rowntree 2E0DVR, drummer in the rock-band Blur, gave a presentation on amateur radio satellites at the Electromagnetic Field event EMF 2016 in Guildford.

Talk description: There are about a dozen communications satellites orbiting the earth that were designed and built by teams of amateur enthusiasts. Dave talks about what they are, how they got there, and how you can build simple equipment to listen to their transmissions.

Due to the massive interest in amateur satellite operating generated by both Dave’s talk and the recent TX Factor Show video the book Getting Started with Amateur Satellites 2016 has completely sold old. A new print run is underway and the book should be back in stock in the AMSAT-UK online shop on August 14.

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