Sandringham students’ Amateur Radio project success

Sandringham students used amateur radio to talk to Tim Peake on the ISS

Sandringham students used amateur radio to talk to Tim Peake GB1SS on the ISS

The Watford Observer newspaper reports that Sandringham School students’ amateur radio communication project gave them the opportunity to visit the UK Parliament at Westminster.

The Observer says: Four students from a St Albans school showed off their engineering prowess to politicians, policy makers and businesses in Parliament.

The Year 9 and 11 students from Sandringham School, on The Ridgeway – Sandy Cairns, Polly Gupta M6POG, Stanley MacMurray and Emma Wilkinson M6GJQ – were invited to the event on Monday [Oct 31] after impressing judges with their engineering project at the regional heats of The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Competition

Their amateur radio communication project saw them set up a radio to speak with Tim Peake while he was aboard the International Space Station.

Rhian Kazwini, Head of Science at Sandringham School, said: “Entering the competition has been great fun and given the team an idea of just how interesting a career in engineering could be.”

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In January 2016 students at Sandringham School used amateur radio to talk to UK astronaut Tim Peake GB1SS on the International Space Station watch the video at

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