QB50 Mission – downlink frequency details

EO-79 and EO-80 - Image Credit ISISThe first of the QB50 CubeSats that are destined for deployment from the International Space Station are now awaiting their turn to be uplifted to the ISS.

In addition to the ISS deployments it is planned that there will be two further batches launched using other vehicles.

The exact timing of these events is not yet available but, in advance, here is a fully updated list of all CubeSats involved. Also included are the details of their science experiments and their downlink frequencies and modulation modes. The frequencies have been coordinated by the IARU Frequency Coordination team and, generally, all the spacecraft will use 9k6 data rates on 70cms.

Download the QB50 Frequency Excel Spreadsheethttp://tinyurl.com/QB50-Frequencies-20170201

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