Amateur Radio Satellite Operation in Algeria

Abdel Mesbah M0NPT reports on what is believed to be the first amateur satellite operation from Algeria since the 7X0DX activation in 2002.

An introductory training course on amateur satellite traffic which was organized on April 14-15, 2017 at the 7X3WPL radio club in Laghouat (400 km south of Algiers).

This course was held under the auspices of the Laghouat Youth and Sports Directorate, Laghouat’s League of Cultural and Scientific Activities for Youth (LACS), the National Association of Algerian Radio Amateurs (ARA) and The El Manar youth hostel which houses the radio club 7X3WPL.

Satellite Doppler Management by Professor Bouzouad Mouloud

Satellite Doppler Management by Professor Bouzouad Mouloud

A total of about 25 students took part in this event, mainly students in master telecommunications and other enthusiasts of the world of radio telecommunications. While communication and demonstrations on amateur satellite traffic were carried out by Abdel Mesbah M0NPT, a member of AMSAT-UK and Chairman of the Hucknall Rolls-Royce Amateur Radio Club (UK), the Doppler management in satellite traffic was discussed by the Professor researcher, M. Bouzouad Mouloud of the laboratory of telecommunications of the signals and systems of the University of Laghouat.

The radio club 7X3WPL is in the process of installing a satellite station using a Kenwood TS2000, Yaesu G5500 Trackers and Wimo cross Yagis, please keep your ears open on Satellites as you may hear them soon.

I am delighted to be the first person to have activated Algeria (7X2ARA in JM16MS & 7X3WPL in JM13KT) on the SO-50 satellite and I am looking forward to going back again.

The first contact from Algeria on the SO-50 satellite was with my friend Peter 2E0SQL [now 2M0SQL], followed by Adam MU0WLV, Fran EA1JM, Olivier F5RRO, Jerome F4DXV, George MI6GTY, Peter G0ABI, Neven 9A5YY, Colin MU0FAL and many others.

I am also looking forward to install my own station in Algiers once I get my Algerian callsign 7X2TT sorted Inchallah

Abdel Mesbah M0NPT

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